“Boemska rapsodija” – najunosniji biografski film svih vremena

Objavljeno: 15.3.2019.

Priča o Frediju Merkjuriju dobija nastavak?

Boemska rapsodija“, film o legendarnom pjevaču grupe Queen Frediju Merkjuriju, uskoro bi mogao da dobije nastavak.

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Happy 300k my beauties 💪❤🎉 . Ok beautiful people it's great that lots of you are fans of Freddie because of the movie and still ok you enjoyed the film and its music all fine but it's not ok to worship the movie as gospel so please research and educate yourself abt the real Freddie🙏❤ Thanks for all the love and support 😍 . So first you must watch the interviews. First hand words spoken by Freddie himself. 🎥There are lots of interviews you can find online but here's my top 3 personal favs: 1. The Bigger the Better interview (by David Wigg in 1985) 2. The Musical Prostitute (by Rudi Dolezal in Munich 1984) 3. The Japan interview (1985) There are a lot more you could watch by simply searching his name. . 🎬Documentaries: The best ones are: 1. Freddie Mercury-The Untold Story (2000) 2. Queen: Days of Our Lives (2011) 3. Freddie Mercury: The Great Pretender (2012) . 📚Books: I personally don't trust books as much as spoken words that come directly from people but here are some good ones: 1. Freddie Mercury: His Life in His Own Words (with a prologue by Jer Bulsara in 2007) 2. Freddie Mercury: An Intimate Memoir… (2001) . There's a book that draws a lot of attention by Lesley Ann Jones (The Defenitive Biography) but she's known to be a journalist that just makes up stuff and the book has lots inaccuracies esp anytime Barbara Valentin is mentioned. There's "Somebody To Love" which is not as bad but also influenced by Lesley Ann Jones again so be careful if you read it. The one by Jim Hutton "Mercury and Me" is good in the way that you find a lot of personal details about Freddie and their relationship but it's mostly focused on Freddie's last years (the years they were actually together) and also everything is told from Jim's own pov because well it's HIS story and his way of coping with things he had to go through. But honestly I found some parts way too private to be published for a public read. There's one by David Evans and Minns called "This Is the Real Life" and it has some real good insights into Freddie's life which I'd suggest a read. There're many books on Queen by roadies and photographers but I personally prefer the ones on Freddie. . #FreddieMercury

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Austrijski reditelj Rudi Doležal, koji je godinama bio prijatelj s Merkjurijem, otkrio je za portal Page Six da reditelj filma “Boemska rapsodija” kao i aktivni dvojac benda Brajan Mej i Rodžer Tejlor planiraju nastavak ovog filma.

Prema njegovim riječima, i Džim Bič, menadžer grupe Queen, ozbiljno se priprema za nastavak ovog filma.

Gitarista grupe Brajan Mej ranije je rekao da bi još neka priča iz duge karijere benda mogla biti ekranizovana, prenio je Klix.

Film “Boemska rapsodija” u kome glavnu ulogu igra Rami Malek je širom svijeta zaradio više od 870 miliona dolara i postao najunosniji biografski film svih vremena. Osim toga, u februaru je osvojio četiri Oskara i podstakao oživljavanje popularnosti benda u cjelini.


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